Measurements & controls

The quality of a product is directly linked to the way it is controlled.

The MIM process is global which means that dimensions and metallurgy are achieved in a single process.

In order to control manufacturing and get parts to specifications, Alliance-mim has invested in top of the range systems to measure dimensional accuracy of the parts but also the metallurgy.

In this field, machines are important (and their calibration too) but even more so are the people who uses them. Alliance-mim works with highly skilled people who are always able to deal with complex situations. These specialists are not only checking parts, they also contribute to all our research on new materials and processes.

Our lab is equipped with the following equipment :

  • 3D measuring machine Zeiss contura G2 with rotating head and automated tool change
  • 3D measuring machine Zeiss duramac with ATC
  • 3D optic measuring machine De Meet 400
  • 2 shadow graphs fully numerated
  • 2 weighing machines with special equipment for density measurements.
  • 1 pHe pycnometer from Microemritics Accu Pyc II 1340
  • 1 roughness measuring machine from Mitutoyo
  • 1 HRC hardness measuring machine from MItutoyo
  • 1 vickers and micro vickers measuring machine from Mitutoyo
  • 1 tensile test machine from Imada

Considering material sciences we are equipped with :

  • 1 Optical inverted Leica microscope with image analysing systems
  • 1 IR spectrometer Nicolet iS5 from Thermo-scientific
  • 1 SEM JEOL ITV 300LV
  • 1 Brücker microprobe Xflash 6/301
  • 1 Full metallurgy lab sample preparation from Struers
  • 1 C and S Horiba EMIA 320V2 analyser
  • 1 N and O Horiba EMGA 920 analyser
  • 1 Freeman FT4 powder rheometer in order to create a database for 3D printing powders.
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