Factory of the future

Factory of the future is a concept that collects technical innovation able to manufacture high performance products but also to produce them with a energy and material frugal process.

In regards of other more classical technologies which extract a part from a bigger block, direct manufacturing allows the part to grow around its holes exactly like Nature make a plant grow.

Associated early with the factory design and manufacturing processes, the lean strategy aims to deliver customers just in time in, minimising environmental impacts and reducing all wastes, the biggest being overproduction. Then the MIM technology becomes one of the most efficient way to manufacture complex metallic products. The real sustainability is not de-growth, it is adaptation of manufacturing processes to modern world constraints.

Values that we want to share and cultivate are quality, focus on detail, reliability, yield and agility.

These principles, denial of rents, and intense collaboration we live together are our brick to the modern world construction and our vision is to reach the waste free society in which throwing away is not an option.to grow around its holes exactly like Nature make a plant grow.

In our company, we use the best manufacturing equipment and processes, with a improvement policy based on people. We work with talented colleagues to create innovative partnerships with our customers.

Misconception is a lethal weapon
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