CEO’s commitment

The goal of Alliance-mim company is to create value through customer satisfaction.

This observation reminds us that a modern world sometimes tend to neglect customers, to make sacrosanct short term profit or conversely to depreciate the seek for it.

Customers are the core of our business and are definitively our unique way to get revenues. Making profit on the long term is for Alliance-mim the only way to stay independent, thus being free. I say it again, our goal is to earn money on the long term by delivering our customers.

But no matter how.

My vision of the company is people centric and based on technology. I am convinced that it is not possible to design or manufacture great products without good relations. I am a researcher and metallurgy like mechanical engineering are the DNA of the company.

Jean-Claude BIHR

Our job is to be creative when designing products and sharp when manufacturing. Exigency and benevolence are the foundation of this policy. Our future is guided by our north star shown here.

The strategy is to look for growth and to do it on a sustainable way.

Make it grow - Make it green
Lean + MIM = Green

This strategy is based on our direct manufacturing process that is extremely effective but thrifty, on our markets that we want to grow with our customers, on products by making them more efficient and cheaper and of course on people that we want to develop and lead with respect.

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