Alliance-mim is a French company based in Franche Comté and manufacturing 100% in France.

Our customer base is always growing.

We export to many countries and depending on the year our turnover is up to 90% export.

What makes our difference compared to our competitors is first our watchmakers DNA. Here in Franche Comté near the swiss border, people have a real focus on detail which is directly transferred into our products.

We are metallurgist and engineers and we live our job with passion. None products are released if it is not technically achieved.

This success is due to the relevance of the vision seen through our North star but also to some special advantages we can offer to our customers.

The first one being, we are here, locally.

Retention of employees is key at Alliance and Women and men from Alliance

They are dedicated to customers that we meet on a… Product are fully made by us internally and any customer can come and visit us and see how products are manufactured.

We believe that projects have to be achieved as good and as fast as possible, this is why we share our fab-lab in order to clarify some technical points before going into mass production or serial tooling.

“Fail fast…but iterate…to succeed sooner” is the fundamental of a successful project.

In Alliance we believe that collaboration is the foundation of a good product.
But not any kind of collaboration, only intense collaboration allows both of us to design and manufacture products that can considered as masterpiece.

Misconception is a lethal weapon
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