Why Alliance MiM ?

  • We are cosmetic parts specialists.
  • We are metallurgists.
  • Thus we know what a good heat treatment is and we understand microstructures.
  • We have our own material lab in house.
  • We design and manufacture all our tools and jigs here in the company.
  • We deliver parts to spec. We mean really to spec !
  • And we do it just in time.
  • We are able to jig parts to make them as accurate as machined parts.
  • We are able to machine the green parts to get special design impossible to reach by moulding.
  • We can deliver certified assys, ready to be assembled, fully manufactured in house.
  • Each year we invest 10 % of the turnover to have top of the art production systems.
  • Our shareholders are all industrial companies and are stable over the years.
  • We manufacture everything here and we say what has to be said.
  • We work together with our customers in order they can support the technology.
  • We understand customer’s requests.
  • We share development with our customers in order they can get the knowledge of MIM
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